Improve your English in 30 days
with the Ultimatum online challenge
- 30 lessons / 30 assignments / 30 minutes per day
- Easy explanations of difficult grammar
- Speaking and writing practice
- Suitable for Lower Intermediate (B1) - Advanced (C1)
Next start date - March 12th, 2018
Convenient & flexible
Learn when and where it is convenient for you with our e-learning platform with 24/7 access
Interesting program
The course covers all the essential intermediate level grammar, includes motivating videos and lots of useful resources
Individual approach
All of your assignments will be checked by your personal Coach, you will receive comments and corrections (Premium plan)
The Ultimatum is a 30-day online program that will help you overcome laziness and procrastination and start doing a little bit for your English every day. Spending only 30 minutes a day, you will refresh your knowledge of English, improve your grammar, learn new words and boost your confidence when speaking. Every day you will receive a lesson and an assignment for practice. Join the Ultimatum, defeat laziness and reach your goal!
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How does it work?
1. Sign up for participation
You fill out the form on the website, pay the participation fee and we send you the username and password for our e-learning platform, where you will receive materials and submit assignments.
2. Get 1 lesson every day
Every day you will get a short lesson, in the form of a presentation or a video. The lessons will cover useful grammar rules, common mistakes, vocabulary and advice on learning English.
3. Do your homework
At the end of the lesson you will find a fun assignment to practice what you've learned. If you choose the Premium plan, all of your written assignments will be checked by the Coach, you will receive corrections, detailed comments and tips.
In just 30 days, the Ultimatum will help you:
Refresh your knowledge of grammar
with our 5-minute lessons, presentations and cheatsheets, and then apply it in real-life situations
Write formal and business letters
and impress your boss and clients
Learn 50 ways to start a conversation
learn slang and idioms, master the art of small talk and find new friends wherever you are
Start speaking confidently
and also present yourself, share your opinion, argue politely and interview someone
Watch movies without subtitles and translation
as well as read articles, news and literature in English
Find out that you already have all you need to get fluent
and you just need a little discipline and coaching
Course program
See what you'll learn in 1 month!
Week 1
- How to set your English goal and reach it
- A guide for using articles
- The best ways to learn new words
- How to practice speaking (wherever you are)
- Present tenses – how & when to use them
- Past tenses – how & when to use them
- 4 ways to improve listening & understanding

Week 2
- How to ask questions the normal way and the polite way
- Improve your pronunciation with this poem
- The secrets of subject-verb agreement
- How to read books without being overwhelmed by new words
- How to write formal letters for business & life
- Learn the irregular verbs and don't hate them anymore
- The Swedish secret - how to learn from movies (even if you don't understand what they're talking about!)
Week 3
- 50 ways to start a conversation (even if you're shy)
- Future tenses – how & when to use them
- Prepositions of location – don't make the same mistakes anymore
- Become a master of conditionals
- Giving your opinion and arguing
- Reported speech
- Phrasal verbs

Week 4
- Elevator pitch – how to present yourself like a pro
- Prepositions of time
- Speak like a native – idioms and conversational phrases
- How often do you use adverbs of frequency?
- Modal verbs
- Common mistakes and how to avoid them
- How to stop translating in your head and start thinking in English

I am so grateful to Anna for creating Ultimatum 30 Day English Challenge! I've been actively studying English for three years already, I've taken several different courses in English and none of them was as effective as Ultimatum. If I have to be honest it was hard, time-consuming and exhausting at moments, but it was totally worth it. The Ultimatum motivated me to give my best, to show determination and to stay sharp. I enjoyed the diversity of exercises, lots of useful and practical tips and all the references to videos and readings. And most of all Ultimatum makes you learn every day something new, which is the only right approach to learn a language.
I have just completed the Ultimatum and I can say that it was an amazing month! It wasn't easy to study every day, and I missed a few assignments, but I definitely learned a lot, and I became more disciplined as well! Every day I was impatiently waiting to find out what the next assignment will be, this is the first English course that I actually enjoyed. Thank you dear Anna for your detailed and very useful comments and corrections, and most importantly for helping me stay motivated. You're a great mentor and teacher!
I have tried many English courses online but none have given me the results that I wanted. Finally I found what I was looking for in Ultimatum English course. It combines both grammar and spoken exercises. The most important aspect is that it forces you to regularly practice English. The course has really helped me and taught me how to properly study English. I really recommend Ultimatum English to everyone.
I'm very glad that I chose this course. The home tasks really were very interesting, and there were things useful for business English, like how to write business letters and an elevator pitch. With the Ultimatum I understood what "the power of little steps" means. I finished the course feeling inspired to reach the other goals that I set for myself for this year!
Web developer
Meet the Coach
"I will be glad to help you set inspiring goals for learning English and find the motivation to reach them. I will show you that language learning doesn't have to be hard and boring, that it isn't just memorizing words and grammar rules. You'll see how you can transform this process into an amazing journey, as you dive into the language, widen your horizons and discover new personal and professional opportunities."

Anna Shabanova, the author of the Ultimatum

Anna is originally from Moscow, but has been living is Sofia for the past 3 years. She graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science, has a master's degree in Corporate Finance and works in this field, but her passion is learning languages and helping others do it. Anna is fluent in English (bilingual since early childhood) and Bulgarian (learned it by herself) and also speaks Italian (still learning!).

"I have never attended language courses. I think they're pretty boring and not very effective. In fact, I believe that anyone can learn a language by him/herself by diving into it through authentic materials (books, movies, news, songs, conversations with interesting people). This way, without any teachers, I learned Bulgarian and am currently learning Italian."

This idea inspired her to create the Ultimatum, an affordable one-of-a-kind online course that combines the essential intermediate-level grammar, lots of tips from Anna on how to learn English the natural & fun way and creative practical exercises that will help you practice speaking, reading, listening and writing every day. The Ultimatum is an international project, it is already helping people from Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Poland, Bulgaria and Russia learn English.

Together with her husband Blagovest, Anna started the first English Conversation Club in Sofia, where she leads speaking classes every week, and the Business English Hub, an online business English school.

The Ultimatum is for you if:
Your level has been intermediate for a few years now and there is no significant progress. You went to language courses, tried different methods and spent a lot of money, but you still can't speak.
You get nervous when you have to call someone on the phone in English at work, or just talk to someone.
You want to find a job abroad or speak confidently when you're on vacation.
You think that your problem is lack of time, bad discipline or laziness.
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Learn by yourself
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  • 30 assignments
  • Useful materials and resources
  • 3 months access to learning materials
Learn with a personal Coach
150 CHF
  • 30 lessons
  • 30 assignments
  • Useful materials and resources
  • 6 months access to learning materials
  • Review of your written assignments by the Coach with corrections and explanation of mistakes
  • Q&A with the Coach
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You're just one step away from improving your English. From your dream career, from discovering new countries and finding new friends, from being the citizen of the world and the best version of yourself!
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Sign up for the Ultimatum
By signing up you declare that you have read and accept the Terms and Conditions
Any questions?
Who can participate in the Ultimatum?
Anyone who is 18 years old or older and is ready for a challenge.
What is the minimum level of English required for the Ultimatum?
The Ultimatum works best for the intermediate level (B1-B2). If you understand most of what's written on this page, you can participate.
If you're a beginner, you'll have to wait a little, currently we're working on the Ultimatum for beginners!
What do I need to participate in the Ultimatum?
A computer with Internet access, a pen and a notebook, a phone with a videocamera and 30 mins every day!
As soon as we recieve your payment, we will send you a login and password for our e-learning platform where you will receive materials and submit assignments.
What are the assignments like?
Every day you will receive materials that will help you in learning English - it can be a motivational video, a short grammar explanation, links to interesting articles and awesome learning resources. The assignment will be creative, it will involve watching videos, reading articles, writing something or making a video or audio of you speaking. It will take from 15 to 60 mins, depending on your level. Don't worry, we won't make you "fill in the blanks" or "translate phrases"! It will be challenging and a lot of fun!
Who will be the teacher?
In the Ultimatum we have coaches, who will guide you, give you advice and assignments to complete. Your English is your responsibility and no teacher or method will work unless you do!
You still haven't learned English because... |
What is your excuse?

This is an Ultimatum for you. You can accept it, forget all your excuses and start improving your English now and every day. Travel the world, find new friends and expand your career opportunities.

Or you can keep procrastinating and feeling sorry for yourself. Watch movies with subtitles, feel uncomfortable abroad and watch other people getting promoted at work.

You choose.